Thoughts on weed? I’ve heard lots of mixed opinions ranging from “it’s an evil drug that kills” to “it’s a miracle drug that saved me”.
Personally it helps my mental health but it can be hard for me to limit my use, I lack self control when it comes to that. So any tips for holding myself accountable would be greatly appreciated🫶🏻

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

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  • E_belli


    It's different for everyone depending on your chemistry. I smoked for 9 years thinking that it helped my mental health only to find out it did not help and was making things worse for me. But like the above said, you can react either way. Just be aware. Take at least a tolerance break every so often. Making a goal as to how much you smoke at a time is also helpful.

    • Slater


      I’m currently on a tolerance break :) it was hard and it took a big push from my gf, but I’m doing it. Definitely gives me hope that I’ll be able to control my use better in the future.

      • E_belli


        good for you! It's good you're able to do that! It's awesome that you can show restraint. Hope things go well!

  • gracechao


    Personally for me it did a lot of damage, I smoked heavily from the ages 15-17. I became dependent on it very fast and would get high almost 24/7 even smoking in school. I do think it definitely caused damage to my brain I don’t know how severe but I could tell I was having more cognitive difficulties even after I stopped. It also opened the door for me to a slew of other drugs which I also abused and really screwed me up. I’m now like allergic to weed it’s weird I used to be able to smoke a lot and be fine but now if I just take one hit I’ll get rly high and feel sick and paranoid and it’s just a pain now to smoke which sucks but also might be for the better.

  • pandasss


    For me, weed helps calm me down from my manic states and has only been beneficial to me. As long as you can still fully function after smoking you should be ok, if not then there is a problem and should try to find something to keep you busy, my dms are always open 💕

  • hhttp



  • NikkiMo


    Weed? An evil drug? Oh that's the least of the evil drugs you ever need to worry about hun. Weed is the BEST for you, beats all the REAL killers out here

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