I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease this summer and have been gluten free. However, I was diagnosed by blood test. I had all the symptoms and they immediately went away when I quit gluten. I used to be sick all day: excessive bathroom visits, horrible cramps, nausea, throwing up, fever, rash and a general feeling of being unwell. I’ve been on the list to meet with a GI for 6 months now and I can’t imagine eating gluten again just to get a proper diagnosis. Has anyone been in this spot? And what would you do/what did you do in this situation?

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  • EveSunset


    Hello! After half a year once you eat gluten again it might not be as bad. Maybe everything has mostly healed and you won’t get bad reaction. So I would try very cautiously if you really have to. That’s how it was for me. I used to have terrible symptoms and very high fever but now after a year of gluten free diet I can occasionally eat a bit of something with gluten in it with no reaction (I understand that it’s not good for me and I shouldn’t do it though). Otherwise not getting a proper diagnosis might not be as important, if you feel way better on gluten free diet and don’t want to get back to eating gluten anyway.

  • sharkattack101


    @evesunset I really appreciate your response to this. It gives me a lot of faith that if I do have to try to eat gluten that I can make it through it. I can’t express how anxious I’ve been about this because I don’t know anyone else with Celiac.

  • EveSunset


    I’m glad! I want to stress though that it’s different for everyone and it might take more time for you to recover a little more. Just be very cautious about it and don’t try eating a lot at a time. Start with literally a bite or a couple bites. 🤗

  • Lolita


    Hey there! I’ve dealt with the same thing. I found it absurd to feel worse on purpose in order to get a proper diagnosis. Later I knew that by being checked for a specific gene, colonoscopy may be spared

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