How do I stop wanting my dad to listen to me & respect me? Ppl told me to ignore him but I still want a dad and I want him to listen to me.

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  • jam064


    It's hard not to want love and respect from family. That said, family is not the same as blood. Family is a group of people who love, care for, and respect you. Try to find people like that, in real life or online (do be careful online though). And the advice "ignore him," while good in theory, is far more difficult in practice even if the person in question weren't your someone important to you. Words and silent actions are just as capable of hurting you as a sticks and stones. You deserve better. If it's an option, look to other members of your family--a grandfather, an uncle, even an older cousin and begin speaking to them instead of your father. And there are plenty of people online willing to step into a "parent" role as well. The one that comes to mind is a YouTube channel called 'Dad, How Do I?' Rob Kenney acts as an internet dad, specifically for people without a strong father figures. It's a temporary fix, but you could try. And you can feel free to message me any time.

  • Duckyqueen123


    Sometimes getting a Dad to listen is like trying to teach a cat to come when calling it takes some time. Your feelings are valid and what you say matters have you tried explaining to him how it makes you feel when he doesn't listen?

    • Cowboy_frog


      he doesn’t care

  • aries02


    It’s easier said than done, but move out as soon as you can. My relationship with my family improved immensely when I moved out, and the change happened pretty quickly. Once you aren’t living together, it pretty much eliminates most of you’re arguments because you don’t have to interact w the other person if you don’t want to. You only have to have positive interactions/ interactions you want to. If he send you mean texts you don’t have to respond, or once it becomes a viable option for you, you could block him if it got to that point. Or if you’re having a disagreement while visiting him you can just leave

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