it’s so frustrating that people tell others not to mask. it’s a nice idea but it just isn’t realistic. masking is a massive part of my life & the way it works.

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  • Eren2273


    It's okay if you prefer it that way, but others don't. (Sorry if I misunderstood the meaning of this post, I'm not sure)

  • Kiwis


    ultimately it ends up being up to the person who is masking, no one should force you or anybody not to. with that being true, it has been proven that masking is bad for our health. I'll probably mask until I'm gone from old age tbh, but it's unarguably going to have consequences on my mental and physical health. I'm right there with you though, I can't imagine unmasking even if they say it's better to do so in the long term. that may also be true, but I think a lot of people underestimate just how hard it is to not mask, as well as just how much crap we get for being different in a society that is rigid and invalidating to those that don't comply. There are definitely two sides of the coin, and the healthier choice is not always the better choice imo. more power to you op, and much love 🧡

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