hey all. i was just curious if this ever gets easier? Long covid and complications really lowered my standard of living. Everyone said give it time, give it time but.. I'm giving it time and time's just making me more frustrated, 9 months on.



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  • Monie30


    Hi Bob I too am feeling the same it's been 13 months for me and I cannot do things correctly any longer. I'm so exhausted not sleeping 10 hrs a day I have fatigue and headaches and I just found out I have herpes I've read covid is the cause of other viruses appearing 1 yr later so I pray alot and I'm not showing anything positive at this time at app

    • BobFrmAcounting


      I'm finding I'm struggling with a lot of things too. I work a sit down job now due to my lungs, get home and am absolutely exhausted like I ran a marathon. Also running into the headaches too. Fingers crossed no other viruses pop up, but I know with my I hope your struggle gets easier.

      • Monie30


        yes I cannot take any more this is a slow slow healing if any of it is possible I also have lung fibrosis took my pulmanary Dr to tell me this I still have bad lungs i am exhausted with anything I do I cannot even shop any place

  • Zoey_Val


    2 full years for me. I’m losing my mind and losing hope the only thing that helps is if I’m completely relaxed and taking care of myself but life is stressful and even driving is difficult for me now so work every day is hard and I just need them to find something soon that can help us all!! 🙏🏼

    • Monie30


      I went for stem cells it helped me drive but feel like I'm going backwards now that I'm on valtrex for this virus that popped up all of a sudden. I need healing I need valtrex through iv not through pills. Pills do not help me at all

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