Hello all,

I’ve been struggling for the last 3 years with anxiety and depression, usually cycling between the two over the course of a week.

Most recent psych started me on lamictal, as she’s thought my issues were more “mood disorder” based.

I’m currently at 100mg nightly, as well as gabapentin 100mg 3 times a day. I think I’ve seen some improvement, but I still struggle with breakthrough.

I wonder if I should go up, or if this med isn’t for me.




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  • JLaPine


    Keep open dialog w Dr. remember you are all part of the same team. I have had good results w Lamictal but have not tried gabapentin. I take my Lamictal 150 X 2 daily with Prozac in 150 in a.m. and serequil 200 p.m. Clonazapam 1mg prn.

  • ChaoticStorm


    Be very careful going up on Gabapentin, as mine only made me worse (I took 600 morning, 600 evening, 900 bed). And now that I am weaning off of it, I feel like someone threw me into terrible mental health hell. But Gab works different for everyone.

  • MamaBPD


    I was on 125 MG lamictal when I started seeing my new psych (switched from child to adult psychology) and was told 125 is a very low dose for an adult, I think 200 is average so definitely possible to go up on that one. I'm not familiar with Gabapenten. I would definitely communicate what you are thinking/feeling with your psych until you find the right balance of medications and doses

  • Cheeseballs


    Ahhh gabapentin is so good haha just puts me in an amazing mood

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