Anyone else getting really disturbing dreams or dreams that give you panic attacks? Its been going on for a week now, and idk what to do.

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  • Bre19


    Yes definitely!

  • Belugabear


    Sadly my whole life. I wish I had better advice, but I just got used to it over time. I also figured out how to lucid dream. Having a nighttime runtime and a plan for what to do if I wake up with nightmares is also helpful! I have some comfort shoes I’ll watch or will do something relaxing like color. I’m sorry I don’t have more advice!

  • Liaissupercute



  • Foxlover


    Sometimes I have dreams where someone if after me and I wish I knew what would help. I know sometimes dreams mean something, if you figure it out maybe you can try working on that problem.

  • Xylns86


    Try to take control of your dreams

  • roz0113


    Many of my "nightmare" dreams are really just me crying out in agony. Everyone seems to ignore me in them though so I don't know what that's supposed to mean lol

  • Freddi


    I definitely sympathize—I had one for a day that was super lucid and involved zombies and general sickness horror. I woke up in a jolt and I remember immediately masking the next school day and being super cautious for the week thereafter Having someone to dream journal it with you or in general getting rid of the association / reason why the dream / basically complete the dream seemed to help me: I went into the doctors the next week after I had gotten sick like it was a prophecy, and got treated for it! Feeling better ever since.

  • catlover55



  • Maddie6


    It’s been this way for me for months idk what to do

  • Jgrazia89


    Yes this happens to me a lot and I feel off all day. I’m a very vivid dreamer. I don’t know if you’re religious or not, but praying to someone or something before going to sleep seems to help me a little bit!

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