so I just showered.... and when I came out my legs turned a light purple color, like pinkish, purple, like a light bruise.........I do not know what it is, but it looks like blotchy purple marks... anyone else seeing this?



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  • koalaechidna42


    Have you ever had a bad reaction to like body wash or any skin care products? I sometimes get weird reactions to new products. Or if the water is too hot my skin definitely turns pink but mine doesn't get blotchy from that. I also get razor burn really bad but thats more bumps everywhere. I hope you can figure out what caused it!

  • Kalimera


    I get this. For me it typically happens in my arms/hands and legs, seemingly from lack of circulation for whatever reason. Happens at random times, but mostly when I’m cold. I have very mild Raynaud’s disease so I think that’s what causes it. During the times I get it, I can feel slightly sick/weak as well. Not saying you have this of course, but this is what I have that causes it. Does it happen when you are cold also?

  • emotrash27424


    Do you have low iron?

  • carpet


    Yeah I get this all the time, no idea what it is either tho

  • TinyDino


    This happens to me every time I shower/exercise. If it was a one time thing then I don’t know. But for me personally my doctor said my nerves go into a panic response when I do those activities, and so they start sending more blood to my heart because they think I’m dying, causing my legs to look gray with blotchy red patches that are warm to the touch. This might not be what you have, but thought I’d add my input in case it’s helpful. Oh and my doctor didn’t say to do anything abt it. She was just like “yeah sometimes nerves are confused” so yeah idk

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