hey there friends. I'm currently on the path to seeking answers for my chronic nausea/vomiting and RUQ pain. I'm convinced it's my gallbladder even though all tests come back normal (surgeon I saw in January of this year said it can happen to people). I've had blood work, HIDA, stool samples, EGD/colonoscopy, ultrasound... absolutely everything comes back normal. no crohn's, UC, h. pylori, candida, gastritis, lipase is fine, gallbladder function is 70%. but I'm convinced that if everything else is absolutely normal, and it can happen that gallbladders will cause problems while testing normal.. wouldn't it make sense for doctors to listen to me when I ask them to take out my gallbladder and I acknowledge that it might not fix anything?

Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Right upper quadrant pain

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