I am scheduled for hemorrhoidectomy and sphincterotomy in two weeks. Surgeon told me it’s a bad/painful surgery and recovery. Has anyone had this surgery? How painful was it? How long was recovery? How long were you out of work? And advice would be appreciated

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  • Mommabear74


    I also am going to have to do this my proctologist appt is next week now I’m a bit more nervous than I was before lol well I hope all goes well with you let me know how it goes? What did they say was the most painful part ?

  • OWl87


    Hi there, how is your recovery going? Any tips on what to have in hand Im also getting the surgery next week

  • GhostyL


    Currently recovering from a lateral sphincterotomy that I got on Monday. Just had my first bm and whewwww that was painful. I’m still hopeful it’ll be better in the end though!

    • GhostyL


      Also to answer the original question, I was out of work the day of, but I’m able to work from home, so I was back online the next day. I just took it easy and worked from the couch/took a break when the pain meds made me woozy. But if I had to be in another job requiring me to be physically active, that would be pretty tough. I was told about 2 weeks for recovery.

  • gmoney011


    so does the surgery really get rid of hemmroids forever?

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