do you guys have a problem with your sex drive? I been with my husband for 10 years and I really not have a sex drive anymore but I really love my husband and want to have sex with but I'm just not in the mood or just really exhausted. when we first got together we do it all the time even 3 time in one night but we not even do that anymore


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Fleetwood


    I have the same problem I rarely have a sex drive but what might help is maybe start with just kissing or touching and that might lead to something more

  • SpookT


    it’s totally normal to struggle with sex drive when you’re having problems with depression/anxiety etc.

  • Stronger_Now


    Oh wow, I really though I was the only one dealing with this. I have also been with my husband for over 10 years and have completly lost my sex drive. I find that self care and sometimes going the extra mile gives me a little more inspiration. I also want to please my husband and not push him away. It is very hard to get motivated when your tired all the time. I usually take a shower to wake my self up, maybe drink a red bull, get my hair and nails done. I think when you feel more sexy and love on yourself more you would ease into it. My heart goes out to all who are experiencing this. This can put a strain on the marriage.❤️

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