I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 days ago after years of testing and fighting to be heard by doctors. I’m glad to finally know what’s wrong, but I’m frustrated that there is no way to ‘fix’ this.

I know losing weight helps ease symptoms, but for now that is not on the cards for me due to a very difficult struggle with an eating disorder which I’ve only just started to recover from. I will get there, but for right now I don’t feel safe to actively begin that journey and my dr has agreed.

Does anyone have any general tips on managing PCOS? Things they find helpful or unhelpful? Things they wish they’d of known at the start of their journey?

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  • ShyLovePuppet


    I'm glad you have finally found a diagnosis I can relate to how frustrating it is not being heard for so long, something that helps me a little with the pain is keeping myself warm or at least trying to keep a steady temperature and light excersise, what I usually avoid is alcohol and heavy foods as I've found that makes the uneasiness and pain worse, also I've started using the progesterone only pill and it has really helped with the pain (I still feel the cramps and so on but with less intensity) if it is a option for you I'd advice to ask your doctor about the different types of the pill as they all have different side effects and might not be as effective as others.

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