I started on trulicity a few months ago. How is everyone adjusting?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)



Nausea and Vomiting

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  • Beth713


    I've been on Trulicity for several months now. I'm still having nausea with it and my taste has changed. I don't like that part ofnot but my bs has been lower and my a1c too.

    • kadey


      this is interesting! Mine has too since I started, and I thought it was due to COVID.

  • Dianaeliz


    I moved from New York to North Carolina and I don't have Health insurance but finally after a year I got approved for free clinic and the doctor changed m medications. I started them today let's see how they work. Keep y'all posted

  • BellusLupus


    I couldn't handle the auto injection on Trulicity and wound up with Ozempic. I'm doing much better with this one.

  • kadey


    I don't mind the injection, and they upped my dose last month since it seemed to not help yet

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