my wrists and hands hurt so fucking bad!!! all my fingers are trying to escape towards my pinkies and it just hurts hurts hurts. and all these new little nodules on my spindly crooked knobby hands. i’m 30 and have the hands of a much older person. last night my partner really watched me clip my fingernails for the first time and was like “why do you hold [the nail clipper] like that?!” only to find i physically cannot hold it the regular way.

i had to go on LOA from my full time retail job this past friday because i can’t cope with the pain, the brain fog, and the stress causing me to be all inflamed and crazy all the time. i’m not being properly treated for my RA right now, but i have a doctor’s appointment on thursday. i am so afraid of what happens when i start to really address this issue that is hurting me so much - i’m scared that i’m going to have to drastically change my life, but my relationships and job are already suffering. i’m struggling !!!!!!

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  • Joie


    I'm so sorry you are going through so much pain. But hopefully your doctor appointment will help you be in less pain. Even if you have to change aspects of your life, I imagine it would be worth it to not be in so much pain. I hope your doctor appointment goes well ❣️

    • peachfuzz


      thank you so much, i hope so too.🖤🖤🖤 my hands and feet are visibly deformed (ulnar drift, bunion, etc) and i have kind of a “classic presentation” even if it’s a bit early - i’m so afraid of being told it’s just an overuse injury again. it’s so clearly not. i’m a go-go-go kind of person, and i’m totally benched right now. 😖 i have a deep fear i’m not going to be able to go back to my job that i love in the same capacity, and i don’t even know when i can go back at all. my new doctor seems great, but you literally never know. thank you so much for the encouragement - whatever makes my life less painful is best, it just feels so uncertain.

  • BellzH


    I feel you on pain issues, I have such a high tolerance for pain and meds that it's hard to find something that works. I know finding things out can bring you down but they may be able to treat you better. Hope for good answers and meds that might actually work.

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