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so I relapsed this week, I was about 1 year 1 1/2 months clean but now I'm not. idk what happened I was just so upset with school and my friends and ya. it made me feel better for a little but now i feel shitty but i cant stop. but now there's scars and I think people are gonna notice and and I don't wanna hurt anyone but I also kinda want them to see? I need help and I can't ask so maybe someone seeing would help me


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  • Lxzz


    Never be ashamed to ask for help! Remember healing isn’t linear 💕 if they really care about you they won’t judge you and you won’t hurt them by being honest with them and yourself. If you don’t feel strong enough to voice it then maybe just showing them and letting someone hold you for a while will make you feel comfortable to talk it out. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery to getting back clean. ❤️

  • MadMag


    If you need help, you gotta get it. Therapy makes loads of difference.

  • SJP


    Two "do as soon as you're ready" ideas for you: is a cool 60 second meditation. It might help you find some peace to make the right decision for you. Text ctl to 741-741 (if you're in USA). It's a crisis text line. I sometimes text them to just vent and help myself cry. Know that you aren't alone. I've struggled with self harm for a long time. I'm currently a couple years clean, and I've broken multi-year clean streaks before. It's okay to still struggle. My DMs are open 💖

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