Has anyone else had ECT treatments & experienced negative side effects, like memory loss & balance issues? Also, my husband feels like the treatments made my depression worse & made me more distant. My last treatment was 12/23/21. I’ve decided to stop treatments for now, so how long does it take for my memory to improve?


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  • _opaline_


    I have a lot of memory issues especially with word recall

  • PurpleBadger


    I have ECT monthly. I have some mild memory issues, but they're not bad enough to outweigh the benefits for me. Things like forgetting an event or conversation a couple times a month. I've had balance issues for quite a while, so I don't think it came from the treatments. I'd say talk to your doctor about it. My primary care doc put in a referral for PT to help with the balance issues and some other things.

  • Quinee


    Hi, I did not perform the treatment. But a good friend of mine did it a few years ago. As for the temporary memory loss, it returned to normal within a few months :)

  • Avie


    The memory loss should be temporary and subside after a few weeks.

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