When experiencing high amounts of stress, does anyone else see things in the corners of their eyes? or black spots in their peripherals?


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  • KitKat1450


    Yes! Happened when I’ve been really stressed and anxious. I describe them as shadows. One of my red flags I need to slow down.

  • Flossie


    I think those spots are called floaters. An eye doctor can give you more information and help.

  • layayaya


    Yes! I found out these for me are called ocular migraines

    • merb


      I know what you're talking about, when you see yhe sparkles all around you. Lol these are black spots and what looks like things moving in my peripheral.

  • cansan08


    I see black floaters a lot too. But I don't know what that means. I have cataract's so I didn't know if that was the problem or what. If your vision gets worse and you are on Prednisone you may have cataract's also.

  • Moochie


    O wow this has been happening to me a lot lately I keep seeing them

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