for the past week or two i've noticed what looks like a little rash or bruise on my chest. with further inspection i've found little clusters of what appears to be petechiae on my legs, back, stomach and chest. what's up with these? they're not from bruising as far as i know because they don't have my normal skin discolouration and my normal bruises don't generally do the red spots, nor do i remember injuring any of these places.

from my research i found that it could be a number of things from vitamin c or k deficiencies (malabsorbtion is common in fibromyalgia and pots, but generally that's more vitamin d as far as i knew??) to a chronic leukemia (which might not have many noticeable symptoms so i'd have no way of knowing without testing)...

i do think it's likely that a low platelet count is involved somehow, because i've recently started to bleed much easier/longer as well, but i'm not fully sure of the reason. any insights? why do you (or someone you know) experience petechiae? my best guess is that it could be a rare side effect of gabapentin, on which i've recently gone up in dose, but the doses in case studies are much higher than mine (2400 mg daily vs my 900 mg daily) or had other conditions or risk factors (like HIV or being 60+). that said, i did have a rare reaction to regular doses of nsaid, so for all i know i'm just extra sensitive...

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