i wasn't really told to do much in terms of diet when i got diagnosed except avoiding foods that contain too much saturated fat, which foods would be the best to avoid and perhaps which are the best to eat in this case?

Fatty Liver Disease (FLD)

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  • Elanthela


    Sugar is the number 1 food to stay away from. Have you tried doing the Keto diet to help your liver release the fat storage? It helped me, after 10 months doing Keto, my liver enzymes were so much better. Then I was able to add carbs back in to my diet without seeing a jump in my enzyme levels.

  • Nannybelle


    Foods to avoid: Alcohol Added sugar Fried foods Added salt White bread, rice, pasta Red meat Good foods: Greens Fatty fish Oatmeal Nuts and nut butters Olive oil Avocados

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