anyone get mirroring side effects from extended use of gabapentin?

if i didn't take the gabapentin on time, it would mirror my fibromyalgia symptoms (sore aches, hyperhidrosis, fatigue, etc).

i found this out after my new doctor took me off of all my pain meds to assess my issues purely(he automatically knew my prior doctors overmedicated me).
i quickly realized a lot of my consistent pain disappeared. i was shocked and emotionally hurt by my prior doctors, and i'm still confused on why it happened.

i still have a bunch of gabapentin left over from my old prescription because they always prescribed me multiple 3 month refills every month. i now take one pill, rather than two or threw, if i get a bad flare up(aka as needed), and i don't experience the side effects anymore.



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  • erethreals


    currently experiencing this! i take three daily, if i don't take them almost exactly on time everyday, i will start to feel harsher aches and pains than even before i started the gabepentin.

    • evanchiladas


      yes, exactly! i was prescribed 100mg, 1-2 pills, three times daily. i want to try pregabalin, but i don't know if it'll do the same. i'm hoping to meet with a rheumatologist soon, anyway.

  • Chesbro99


    I haven't gotten your either. But I know when I didn't take my meds for 2 does I all brain fogy

  • Reyna76


    I can't take gabapentin it have me the shakes really bad liked I felt like my body was shaking from the inside out

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