I have terrible sensitivity to cold. I am always feeling cold, but being out in the elements during winter feels like it is physically hurting me. Some days I have to work myself up to running inside from my car (which I sit in with the heat on full blast) because I know it’s going to really suck being out in the cold air. My doctor did diagnose me with Hashimotos but won’t put me on medicine because my levels are within normal ranges she says. Has anyone experience this and can I do anything to help? I am miserable 24/7 because I can’t get warm.


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  • coolhippieaunt


    i completely relate. reusable pocket warmers help. good quality gloves and hats. and thick socks with boots and an extra long coat. i’m sorry i’m not more help. i struggle with this too & can’t wait to move somewhere warmer or get a doctor that finally takes me seriously

  • KirstiLouise24


    I got a chargeable hand warmer (doubles as a portable charger but I only use it to warm up) from Amazon, and I’ve stocked up on some good quality warm socks, though my feet still seem to go numb really often and I don’t even live anywhere THAT cold. The hand warmer is quite handy though.

  • dee1028


    I’m extremely sensitive to the cold too. I just bundle up as best as I can and love my heated throw! I would seek another opinion on meds. My thyroid labs were normal for years but I still felt terrible. I feel the best when my TSH is below 1!

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