I have been having cramp like pain up under my right ribs. I don't have an official endo diagnosis. I read it could be endo in the diaphragm area. I have abdominal bloating, general cramps and urinary pressure also. anyone else?


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  • lupejkis


    I get a similar pain. My obgyn said the bleeding can irritate my diaphragm. I get terrible shoulder pain with it as well. Feel better.

  • EndoPainGoAway


    Hi! I totally understand you!!!! I have never met anyone who also had pain under their ribs! I have pain under my ribs too on the right. For three years i went for imaging and tests. I thought it would be liver problems, pancreas, gallbladder issues. But… they could never find anything! I was going out of my mind. I was told it could be endometriosis. I still do not have an endo diagnosis but it’s my goal this year.

  • Skypenguin29


    I have shoulder pain also! My trapezius and my pecs are knotted up all the time. I had ulnar nerve pain down my arms also. I have been going to regular PT for my shoulders for 6 years. I'm thinking of trying pelvic PT soon.

  • RoMuel37


    I get lots of rib pain too on my left side. It is so bad that if I twist the wrong way it aggravates it even more. It generally goes either down into my lower back or up into my arm and shoulder too. I think it’s all the inflammation and stage 4 growth I have 😔 I have yet to find something that helps with the pain other than a heating pad.

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