I have had CRPS since 2014 and been noticing some changes with it. Numbness in my fingers have been getting worse and I have been dropping things more frequently does this happen to anyone?

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  • Skwittles_22


    Yep. I trip often over my right foot (primary CRPS in Right leg) when it “drops”, I shake so bad people think I have Parkinson’s. CRPS just plain sucks.

  • Lady_Phoenix


    I have the shaking to! Numbness is bothering me in both feet and hands as well. CRPS does suck!

  • JCC


    Do you take anything for the shaking? I take Topramax it helps but I still drop things which is getting quite annoying. I also live by myself so that is a major struggle

  • Contenta


    JCC do you take topiramate along with/ or instead of gabapentin for nervous system shaking?

  • Lady_Phoenix


    Contenta I take both Topramax and Gapapentin. They both help me in different ways

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