Hi there! Im Void, and Im a non-binary transmasculine demi boy 💙
Im currently wondering about top surgery, and im worried that its not going to end up working out. I have a small window to get it done within (about 5 months) and im terrified I won't be able to get in.

Gender Dysphoria

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  • PhoneticElk


    Everything I've learned was from Jammidodger and noahfinnce. They have a lot of videos about their experiences on YouTube, and ofc chest reveals. You could also see if ABDIllustrates has any vids like that. Though I think they are all in the UK. But I'm sure before and after surgery are similar medical wise.

  • Jaiden_M


    It really depends on where you live, what body type you have, and your chest size but Dr. Garramone has the best results I’ve seen! (I’m a trans guy from NY)

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