Any tips on how to maintain/build self worth/love/confidence when dealing with cystic acne? I’m in my (almost) mid 20’s and have been dealing with acne since middle school. I’ve tried different creams, serums, skin care routines, face washes and have even been on prescription acne medication twice (currently on it for the second time in 4 years). It’s exhausting. It feels like friends my age either don’t struggle with acne or just try one or two simple things and their skin starts to clear up. It’s hard not to compare myself to loved ones or to folks on social media (even when I know in my heart social media can be very fake and that there’s no such thing as “perfect” skin!). I also am simultaneously dealing with multiple other health issues (recovering from a knee surgery, recovering from an eating disorder, chronic shoulder pain, GI issues, anxiety/depression). I’m in pain and absolutely exhausted most of the time, and sometimes it’s really hard not to feel bad about myself/see myself in a negative way. I know I’m not alone in these feelings and would love any advice/tips/motivation.

Prolonged Acne

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  • Danii1111


    I noticed once I stopped eating certain things an change my diet n loss weight my skin changed. Less sugar n more water

    • TexAss


      This ☝️ correlates with my findings. I traced my acne and family skin problems to a cinnamon allergy. Cinnamon is always paired with sugar.

  • CaptainHolmes


    I struggle with self esteem due to my adult acne too. I try to remember that other people dont notice or criticize the breakouts as much as I do. I remind myself of positive traits about me, inside and out. And I talk to someone when Im really down. Its a struggle and others dont realize how much acne can impact your self esteem.

    • TexAss


      I've traced my cystic acne to a cinnamon allergy. The slightest bit in even bbq sauce, Chick-fil-A sauce, etc brings them back.

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