Is it hard for you that there’s so much focus on the fatalities but almost none on how Covid didn’t kill is but still took our lives?


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  • Nebhuskergal


    Yes and I am on day 5 of it again after almost two years 😢

  • Jules81


    I just had it again after almost 2 years as well! It did relapse my long Covid and I absolutely panicked because of how many debilitating symptoms I’d beaten but I’m returning back to the state i was in pre second infection. 19 months of almost complete isolation and I still got it twice… sending you so much love it was traumatizing having it again but it wasn’t nearly what the first infection was for me. How are you feeling?

  • Nebhuskergal


    This isn’t as bad as first time in March 2020… but It definitely has relapsed me back again… I am moderate to severe most days and this has been awful. Thankfully my kids and husband are here this time around so I’m not Alone… the first round I was in another state and completely alone. The omicron definitely is less harsh and even it is awful. My daughter was hit pretty hard with it but mom helped her get thru it ♥️

  • Maryy


    So true. We’re the living collateral damage.

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