Anyone have really bad chest pain?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Disease of pericardium

Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)

Abdominal Distention

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  • Nanerinsaner


    Yes and Lower back and in between my shoulder blades

  • Samsambinks


    Yes I get it during the cold season, RA does attack your lungs might wanna get them checked punt

  • LB


    I have constant gunk in my lungs & have to cough it up every morning 😩

  • DogLady56


    I have costochondritis (spelling?) it is extremely painful. It is actually rib pain that can feel like heart or lung pain. Very scary. Mention this condition to your doctor. Also read about it and see if you thing this can be what is causing your pain. It is actually more common then you would think. Good luck ❤️

  • Samsambinks


    I have costochondirits and it sucks!!! Sometimes I swear im having a heart attack! But yeah I cough up hella gunk :/

  • Audri


    Yeah it isn’t great

  • BeverlyMarch


    I get costochondritis and it hurts like hell. I also had a pericardial effusion. I stupidly thought RA would only affect my joints. I went to the ER thinking i was having a heart attack. Two days and a bunch of expensive tests later, the chest pain is caused by the RA. 😥

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