Does anyone else get debilitating stomach cramps when trying to go to the bathroom? For me it feels like someone is twisting my insides and sometimes I almost pass out.

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  • MarinaV


    yes, I do! I have always had issues going to the bathroom. sometimes during my period, I’ll start overheating and will feel like I’ll pass out from the pain of trying to go 😭

    • Anina


      Yes!!! That's exactly it. I don't have severe pelvic pain like most with endo, my issues are more gastrointestinal. (And I've gone through every single test for gastro issues with everything coming back normal)

      • MarinaV


        have you had your doctor say after surgery that those issues should be gone and it doesn’t approve? it always hurts for me to go to the bathroom, like all the time and it’s definitely worse during my periods. I have that pelvic pain a lot during my period but I just had surgery again. I overheat so much but the time I about passed out was unbearable!!!!

  • Barrfamily


    Yes unfortunately

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