lately, I have been more active socially/professionally. it looks like I'm succeeding and doing well. but emotionally i feel awful. I don't know how to cope with my emotions and not let it affect my day to day life


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  • HowPow


    I have the same struggle. I try the "fake it til you feel it" route sometimes. I found mantra that helps me when I'm struggling. I say "I am safe. I am loved. And I control what happens to me." This reminds me that I can change my feelings. There are times when nothing works for me but sleep, but those are becoming fewer.

  • squishsquids


    Hi nat! I have the same problem. When it comes to the everyday grind it really does become this balancing act of emotions. Sometimes it feels like my emotions control me more days than I control them. My best advice I can offer is finding that time for you. Which is easier said then done especially if you work have kids or family but even if the most you can do is sit in the bathroom. Find time to check in with yourself. It's helped me a lot just sitting in my front porch and thinking about the day. Why I behaved the way I did or what caused me to behave that way. Identify the root of the emotions and you generally identify a way to control that emotion. Maybe not a all the way but small steps are the most important in helping the problem. At least for me. I hope this helped even in the smallest amount.

  • alyssaryan


    i’m going through the same thing, here if you want to talk 🤍

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