Hey I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to cope with mental health struggles while working long hours

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Scarlettrose


    Take some me time. Take breaks. You can choose before you get out of bed that you're going to have a great day. Attitude is everything.

  • Jinx66


    Thanks for the advice I do notice I have a better day when I try to stay positive throughout the day

  • Bakes


    Calm is an app that really has helped me in the past too!!

  • Sleepycna


    I work 12 hour shifts and seriously taking a break is needed. It doesn’t have to be long but I don’t care if it’s busy or people say there’s no time. Make time. The bathroom is honestly a great place to do it because likely no one will bother you, go in there, close your eyes, breathe, do affirmations or whatever it is you do to cope for 5 minutes and go back out to work, do it as many times as you need to :)

  • Refreshing_melon


    I don’t know how helpful this would be for you, but I am prescribed anti anxiety meds, and if I’m at work, I’ll take just a half dose so I can calm down a bit without really impairing myself, and I will go to the bathroom and sit and wait for them to kick in. Sometimes going and being alone in a bathroom stall helps calm my anxiety. Sometimes I find a task that needs to be done that’s away from other people. Like organizing stuff in the back room or finding a quiet aisle to re organize. I hope you find something soon that helps you.

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