I'm having a really hard time right now with having just gotten diagnosed with a lot of stuff, and it's really scary how much it all affects my every day life. How do you cope with not being able to have a "normal " life?

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  • TarMan


    Screw normality. Happiness is all that matters imo. I feel like most normal people could never be as happy as I am. I've been through a lot of pain from all my issues, I wanna live to be happy and to make those I love happy. Sure, I might have flashbacks and meltdowns a lot, but I love hearing music and feeling things as an autistic person. I love the deep understanding and respect for grief my ptsd has given me. People like us are just painted more colorfully than most

  • loveshespoke


    Honestly, I gave up on normalcy some time ago. My health has taken a lot from me, and I could get stuck in that, but it's also given me a lot. Especially some beautiful opportunities to learn and grow. Let yourself mourn what you're going to have to let go, but don't think it's all bad. And message me if you wanna chat! I know it's hard

  • sapphicsucculents


    Gonna be honest: it's a loss. There's grief in it, for sure. You might find yourself missing what you "used to be able to do" and that's okay. Most of all, though, try to embrace it. There are a lot of friends to be found who understand chronic illness, and even if we can't have "normal," we make a way for ourselves.

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