should i be upset at my friend?

a few months ago, i was under a lot of distress from a depressive episode coinciding with anxiety attacks, long stretches of insomnia, and difficulties at uni. i was telling my close friends that i was really struggling and that i had passive suicidal ideations. i always made sure to tell them i had no concrete or active plans on ending my own life (i still don't) and that i'm far removed from ever following through with my ideations.
in spite of my assurances, one of my closest friends went to some uni/work authorities with concerns about my mental health. for three years, i had been trying very hard to keep this part of my life private and secret from any uni and work staff. now that they know, it's gotten me in all sorts of paperwork, exhausting tasks, and a risk of not even being able to follow my educational and career goals.
when i found out, i tried not to get mad at him. i know he acted out of genuine concern and a desire to help. and to be honest, i still am not really mad. but, there is a part of me that feels a little betrayed and upset that he'd out my personal life to someone outside of my close circles like that.
i'm actively trying not to be upset and instead move on. but, is it justified to feel a little upset?


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  • Isaiah6


    It's justified to be upset, you can acknowledge he did it in good heart but it was obviously meant to be personal.

  • Bmanlittle


    Yeah it's understandable to be upset a but, but at the end of the day, it was out of concern for you. My best advice would be to talk to him about it and make sure whatever emotions don't get bottled up

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