I need.... help i think

Is it weird to send my therapist a long email about things ive never told him about
I know that ill forget about it later and i wont believe myself so how can i make him believe me?
He seems to think that inner turmoil of this kind is usually more visible... but i learned how to suppress it a long time ago and im scared to say anything because my "mindset" changes SO drastically all the time but i always maintain the same kind of steady facade
He brushes everything off and treats me like... a normal person?
Idk if its worth it
Im probably lying to myself because it always goes away.. why am i even TRYING

I'm so confused.. it feels like so much but I wouldn't know how to begin explaining it
I'm a mess

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Clardia


    The best thing to do, it to be honest with your therapist and yourself. You have to look in the mirror and believe in yourself first, it's not easy and it takes time. The therapist is there to help, but the key is you. Best for wishes, you are not alone. And remember you are stronger then you think. 😊

  • tempestgirl


    I don’t think it’s weird, I think it’s necessary. I feel like whenever you’re going through a “moment” where you feel it’s time to express things about what you’re going through, it’s always appropriate; ESPECIALLY if you’re so accustomed to suppressing these types of things where you’re constantly presenting some sort of façade. When the RAW and unfiltered feelings are able to break through the walls you’ve built to protect your wounded core - THAT’S when you want to be seen, THAT’S when you want to be heard, THAT’S what needs to be addressed and UNDERSTOOD; I feel like a good therapist who’s GENUINELY interested in understanding YOU would want to know as much as they possible can, but because things like this are so complex, it’s not going to be easy, quick, or linear. Express this to your therapist, a good one will be accepting, understanding, interested, and care.

  • breadbored


    thank you so much I feel a lot more balanced now ❤️ I was thinking similar things but needed reminders. Its so hard to send a long email without deleting it :/ it feels impossible to believe in myself when I keep changing so much 😵😵‍💫 and I'm afraid I won't be clear headed enough to ever explain it... but I will try <3

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