What do you know about drinking decaf coffee because according with “ some studies “ the caffeine interferes with the thyroid medication ( levothyroxine) ? Thanks



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  • Sophy


    Just in case , I let you know my experience. I stop drinking regular coffee and switch for decaf couple years ago. At first week was a little difficult , but after that I did it! No more headaches and no more anxiety.

  • Ena


    I too drink decaf... or rather used to. But I read on here that I shouldn't. For years I have put milk in my decaf coffee and taken my Levothyroid. Then after 30 minutes I would drink my breakfast smoothie. This is both wrong according to new studies. Now, I drink water with my Levothyroid and 60 later do breakfast then my other meds. When I was first Dx there wasn't much on the net to learn from and my doctor didn't realize I was taken milk in my coffee. Every few years I explore new research on my Hashimoto and Thyroiditis. I am happy to see new information. Because back in the day this disease was "all in your head". So many people suffered because the science was lacking. I am hopeful

  • Hon



  • ClaireFraser


    Maybe it does but I’ve never stopped. I drink 16oz a day or less.

  • Hnckaimee


    I drink coffee after half hour

  • Sophy


    It is nice to know that I’m not alone about having breakfast after half an hour or one hour of taking the Levothyroxine with water ! And it is good to know that some of you drink decaf or regular coffee without many complaints! Hope everything is going well for you and that we can enjoy still the little pleasures of life !

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