I wake up to body pain. Shoulder blades, lumbar, lower back. I have to roll out of bed n can barely stand. It’s been for a while now. I changed my mattress bought all these fancy pillows but nothing. What’s going on?

Chronic Low Back Pain

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  • poisonpixie83


    I'm the same way I cry every morning when I get up off the bed before I get up to go the bathroom I just can't walk very well anymore I'm 39 years old

  • Belugabear


    Me too! I had to push to keep getting scans because they didn’t find anything. Now, I need surgery because I have several birth defects in my spine that were missed in five scans! If you think something is wrong, fight for it. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this and if you need someone to talk to message me any time!

  • SandraSunshine


    OMG I'm not the only one 2 years ago I stopped buying all the new things for my bed and pillows it was not working. I keep telling my Dr to give me a sleep test so he can find out why it is like that for me at night.

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