I'm scared to talk to my therapist about specific thoughts and urges I have that I believe arise from my cptsd. Does anyone have advice

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • AkwardAmber


    Sometimes I will write and give my therapist my journal to look over. Sometimes not saying it out loud helps

    • Lupin


      I worry because (while I would most likely never act on them) they are quite violent and I know therapists are quick to give you a "vacation" if you seem unsafe to others

      • JeffBezos


        My gf is a psychologist and most of her friends are also psychologists. They recognize it is a horribly traumatic thing to be institutionalized so it's an absolute last resort. You can want to hurt somebody a lot, you just can't make plans to. Even then they can warn the person but not much else. Confidentiality protects you, speak your mind and heal from those thoughts ❤️

  • SunInAugust


    Therapists are well trained about intrusive thoughts and they know they come with ptsd. For example, I think about stabbing my arm a lot. I dont have OCD - I was tested. But I do have very violent intrusive thoughts from my brain constantly feeling under threat

  • AnimalBoy


    Are you having intrusive thoughts? They're uncontrollable negative thoughts, that can be caused by CPTSD, that are often violent or disturbing including hurting yourself or others in graphic ways. These thoughts are extra challenging because even though you really don't want to do what you're thinking and, by definition, they're disturbing to you not everyone understands and it can be scary to have them and to be open about them. Your therapist should know about it and not be judgmental assuming they know anything about CPTSD but if you're worried you have an underqualified therapist you could try looking into a specialist.

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