ok so im on here to say that i feel some real regret about saying things so myself like "i wish my mom would die" for her punishing me. or saying things like "i wish my dad died" just because he isnt the best person at times. i was young when i said these things but they really give me anxiety and i regret saying these things even though when i was saying them i never actually meant it. if course i would be deviated and be a no one if they passed away. also another thing is i haven't had these thoughts in a long time. they were old thoughts i had

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  • Catwoman3000


    You made a mistake that you haven't forgiven yourself for yet. It's okay to forgive yourself. Reminds me of my old anger spells. You can still tell them you're sorry about that. If they are passed, you can still tell them you're sorry about that. Lastly but definitely not least, I recommend asking God for forgiveness. Sometimes people don't forgive you but forgiveness is ALWAYS a personal choice. "God, I need help forgiving myself. Maybe if I ask for your forgiveness it will be easier to forgive myself - Amen". :)

  • MissWilwarin


    I think what might help is telling them about these thoughts and apologizing. Odds are, they had similar thoughts about their parents when they were growing up.

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