anyone use melatonin with fibromyalgia?
wondering if this helped with deep rest or caused next day drowsiness?


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  • Alexa123


    Hi, I use melatonin to sleep better. Honestly, it's much better than a sleeping pill for me. In the past, I would take all kinds of sleeping pills and they would make me very confused and tired the next day. The melatonin, because it is also secreted in our body naturally, only helps me sleep better and the next morning I wake up more refreshed. Just make sure that you take it after dinner so that it starts working by the time you want to go to bed.

  • TrebleNurturer


    I take melatonin gummies as needed. I would not say they help me sleep deeper, but they help me fall asleep if I’m a little over caffeinated in a day.

  • Jrsb511


    It was working fir me to fall asleep but I still wake up alot

  • Hockeyfan


    I take a low dose when I have trouble falling asleep. I wouldn’t say it’s a good choice for helping you stay asleep though. Magnesium is also something to check out to help with sleep.

  • CozyVibez


    I find that melatonin knocks me out faster, and I wake up more refreshed!! Better results than Benadryl or Atarax; I get knocked out but feel sleepy a while after waking up.

  • Carrieanne


    I find that melatonin helps me sleep. But if I add magnesium glycinate with it I sleep a lot better!

  • royalty


    Melatonin doesn't help very much for me. It always either gives me weird dreams or makes me keep waking up throughout the night.

  • Jrsb511


    Helps fall asleep doesn't help to stay asleep

  • enigmaticzeze


    I would HIGHLY recommend magnesium soaks, look up how to do them. It will help you sleep and has even been known to help decrease pain.

  • Chadwick108


    5 to 10 MG almost every night it's difficult for me to get comfortable with the constant body pain from the fibro 😥

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