Hi! 18yr old female here, struggling with chronic migraines for about two years now. lately it’s been really rough where i wake up with a migraine and can’t move around too much without it pounding. i have not addressed this with my doctor before (i tried, but she dismissed it as me not drinking enough water) and their office is booked until april, so they told me just to go to the ER if it gets too bad so i could get a shot or something to help. any other ideas?



Chronic Migraine

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  • GrumpyWampa


    I’m sorry your doctor just pushed you off like that. Can you ask for a referral to a neurologist? That’s who manages my migraines and he’s definitely a lot more knowledgeable than my primary care doctor when it comes to migraines.

  • Iz684


    Make sure you have a good sleep schedule (I typically wake up with migraines too). There are certain medicines that u can get to help with that (or even just try a melatonin). And definitely look for a neurologist. They will give u lots of suggestions

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