my boyfriend recently dumped me because of my mental state. he said he couldn’t handle dating someone who was depressive and suicidal and left me just like that. i haven’t been coping well. i relapsed last night after months of being clean. i feel so disillusioned and upset that i let myself believe that he would love me through thick and thin. thoughts of offing myself have been resurfacing.

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  • Greenery


    First of all. Screw him. Someone like him causes nothing but harm in your life. He left you knowing it would cause damage. But know I'm here for you. Stuff like this has happened to me. Relapse is hard and one of the worst things to go through. But you're not alone. Acknowledge the issue is the first step. And you've already done it. I believe you can get through this breakup. People come and go. It doesn't mean you'll ever love again, or that you have to be scared to date again. It just means he wasn't the one because he was an asshole. I'm here, and so are the other people who care about you. Please get better ❤

  • CommanderDucky


    The boy I gave my V card and first kiss to did this to me. And at the time I blamed myself for everything and I relapsed for a long time after, but at some point I realized he just wasn't meant for me. And that I needed to find someone mature enough and understanding enough to handle me and all my problems. You got this it sucks now but it gets better. He just wasn't the one.

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