I WANT to get the booster but I think my mast cells HATED the first round of COVID vaccines. I have since discovered the magic of Benadryl but I don’t know what the safest dose is. (I don’t have a dr for dealing with MCAS yet.) Any suggestions? Should I just skip the booster?

Mast cell activation syndrome

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  • Nova.Maria


    I personally wouldn’t get it. I’m not an anti-Vaxer or anything but I got the first vaccine and had a horrible flare and my doctor said I shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place because it can flare up mast cells and he told me to not get any more

  • Bijoux_bean22


    That is very helpful, thank you

  • KrispieG


    I had allergic reaction to the first dose, zero reaction to the second and am waiting for 6 months to pass still for a booster. Oddly it seemed my debilitating periods got dramatically better! Idk but I’ll take it!!

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