does anyone have any tips for exercising and losing weight with chronic pain and POTS? whenever i exercise, it triggers both of them and it just makes it miserable.

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  • gg82


    Recumbent biking is great for me, but in terms of weight loss the majority of that happens with your diet. Working with a nutritionist has been great for me!

  • pepperpatch


    Do low impact exercises. Rowing machines, swimming therapy, etc. Swimming is especially great for chronic pain as the water takes the weight off of your joints and if you do gentle swimming your heart rate is less likely to spike.

  • mystiq


    There's specific exercises for POTS, a physical therapist can advise you on that. Most of weight loss will come with a change in diet and gentle movement.

  • rigbyy


    swimming is very good i have found. the water takes stress off ur joints and makes it much easier. it is also much more fun!

  • royalty


    Swimming is pretty easy on your body.

  • EDSdancer


    I would make sure to drink a lot of salt water when you’re exercising because that should help with your pots

  • AudaCity


    I have POTS and honestly PT and diet changes are what's helped me, I can't do much exercise unsupervised but PT lets me move around a bit

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