Feeling discouraged. I’m having episodes again and I can’t tell whether they’re fainting spells or seizures. I get dizzy and have a weird smell — then the next thing I know I’m on my floor and 20-30 minutes passed. I’m scared to go back to the doctors because we still haven’t pinpointed a diagnosis. Has anyone else experienced this?


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

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  • NixFyre


    Yes!!! If you can't pinpoint whether it's passing out or seizures, try to get someone there with you so the next time it happens they will be able to tell you what happened!! I have both happen to me!

  • PinballGuy


    So sorry to hear that. I was shot in the head, paralyzed on the left side and regained enough motor function to walk with a cane. I experience focal seizures if I am tires or don't take my Depakote. I haven't had one for years though. When I did, I could tell it was coming on and had a flashing in the right side of the visual field of my left and right eyes. Smell can definitely be an indicator from people I have talked to. You know yourself and make sure you convey what is going on with you to your physicians. They mean well, but don't know everything and don't know what you are going thru. No one really does except you. I have felt discouraged many times over the 30 years since being shot, but I am in better shape than ever healthier than ever and remember it can always be worse. When I was in rehab I saw people first hand who were quadriplegic and happy to be able to move wiggle a finger or toe. That has stuck with me whenever I have gotten down thru the years.

  • Magicbugtea


    What has helped me is writing everything down. I track time, duration, reason and symptoms before episode. That way you see if there are any trends. This will also help you when you go back to the doctors office.

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