Hi! I'm new here and figuring out how this works. I have chronic migraines and neck pain, with added stress lately, they have been getting worse. any ideas for simple remedies?


Chronic Migraine



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  • Maggiemoo


    I started using CBD salve or gummies and they have been helping a lot for my migraines and back pain and it also helps with sleep ❤️

  • allyoop


    I started getting migraines this past year sporadically and my doctor recommended taking vitamin b2. I’m not sure if it really helped since they were random and not frequent enough; but it seems to have a good reputation among others with migraines!

  • NonbinarySlytherin


    I take b2 and magnesium for my migraines. Also, a cold towel across your eyes for they are bad. Also, blue tinted glasses are a God send. If you have sensitive eyes make sure you wear sunglasses. Places like Walmart are hard on the eyes because of the light reflecting off the white floors and cieling. Also, easy meals. Prep weekly servings because the last thing you want to do is cook. Stay away from trigger foods and especially caffeine. There are other pick me ups that can be introduced into your diet. Add tumeric into your diet. And oddly enough, stretch. I have two tennis balls in a sock and use that to stretch and massage my neck. Oh and go to a chiropractor and get a massage. This is coming from a person who despises to be touched. I once had a migraine for 5 hours straight and after an hour massage, I felt so much better. Also, propranolol helps med wise. Make sure you are eating enough protein and less sugar. I can't remember where but for those with ADHD, a higher protein diet and little sugar goes a long way. Just have a plentiful variety of protein otherwise your body may store it as fat. Not to scare you but I recently found that out. I know for my migraines, lack of protein is one of the first things I check. Drink Water!!!! It sucks but it's important. Water is your best friend. Thank you for attending my TedTalk!

  • Solvi


    I have been doing dry needling on my neck and it has really helped. I get it done through my physical therapist.

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