Recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I also have diabetes, and been told stay on a low carb, low calorie, low salt, heart healthy diet.

I am starting a medication that I don't want to start, the side effects sound terrible! Methamzole

Anyone else on insulin, and have hyperthyroidism?



acute lethargy

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

Generalized pain

Insulin Glargine

Other visual disturbances

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  • Jack38


    Hi, I take Methamzole and also have diabetes. Although the drug really has a pretty significant side effect profile, in the end I feel that every drug has some kind of side effects. From the consultation I did with my doctor, I realized that most of the side effects happen very infrequently, and in addition, my doctor made sure that I do periodic blood tests to make sure that everything is fine with my body. What is important and really helped me a lot and I recommend that you keep it on the menu. I didn't realize how important nutrition is in both diabetes and hyperthyroidism. At first I underestimated it but then when I started eating well I saw a significant change in both my feeling and my body. What side effects are you worried about? I recommend going to your doctor so that he can explain more about them and the chance that they will happen.

  • Honeyluv1


    Hi I’ve been on it for 3 months , body ache pains , and tiredness is what I experienced and some blurry vision. On my period is worse. Are these side effects normal ?

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