i think im starting to develop an eating disorder. ive always had a sensitive stomach since i was a kid, but over time its gotten worse. my stomach hurts randomly and ive started throwing up and using the restroom more. things that shouldn't make me nauseous make me nauseous, like water and my period and all kinds if things. i love food, but for the past year ive been eating less meat because it makes me sick. ive been told i eat too much sugar so im trying to cut that back. i have an acid reflux too, and i was also told to cut down on gluten. im also lactose intolerant. what does that leave me? fruits, veggies? oh, and anything with aspartame in it (the sugar free substitute) makes me throw up, so nothing labelled as sugar free for me. im not meaning to dislike all these things. i love food, noodles, milkshakes, fast food, chicken- but i cant eat it. its slowly getting to the point where eating almodt anything makes me throw up, or i have to snack throughout the day instead of eating meals. i cant hold any food down when im on my period. and ive been wanting to excercise lately, but im afraid its just going to make everything worse. im not sure what to do or where im at or whats wrong with me.

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  • wheelsnfeels


    first: get allergy tested. generally EDs are more mental, they usually (note, usually) don’t have visceral physical reactions to food like that in the development stage. generally they start out with food aversion, but more in the subconscious “i don’t think i should eat that because it isn’t healthy / i’m on a diet / i’ve made yo some other rule for myself” kind of way or the throwing up is self inflicted, either literally or simply because you’re so mentally convinced you can’t have that food that you made yourself nauseous. most people who genuinely have an ED don’t realize they’ve developed it until far down the line, because it’s similar to anxiety in the way that it messes with your head and convinces you nothing is wrong. all that said. if that sounds like you, try seeing a therapist that specializes in ED, but if not try going to an allergist because honestly as scary as it seems you might just be developing some allergies / food sensitivities to something within these foods that makes it seem like you’re affected to way more than you actually are. you could also have something like mcas, but you’d likely have more symptoms than just food. also a dietitian might help with figuring out what exactly you can eat, so maybe explore that! don’t get a nutritionist, though, they’re generally self taught so they don’t always have a full education like dietitians do and given your situation you need that level of experience.

  • wheelsnfeels


    also, make sure your anemia is good! as weird as it sounds, sometimes when you’re a bit low that can throw your whole body out of whack and everything can make you feel sick.

  • Rymuah


    having the same problems and i did all the tests when i was younger. i’ve lost almost 100lbs because i haven’t been able to get myself to eat. most food makes me want to throw up and i have an anxiety trigger about throwing up so it’s a whole thing 🥺 i hope we can figure it out but i’m here for you

  • Basil_Bay


    I may not be able to help with the issue, but if you message me I can help you with some meal ideas to fit your diet so that you’re not just eating vegetables and fruit!!

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