hey im hadley! my lower back has been hurting a lot lately and I'd like to know what kind of stretches or exercises that may help out. I recently had a visit with the chiropractor and she helped by realigning it but it still hurts a lot.. any tips?

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  • MultiMato


    Stretching your hamstrings can help the tension in your lower back! Forward folds, downward dog and seated forward bends may help 😊 Hope you feel better!

  • JandJ070812



  • Kat_bee


    Make sure the muscles in your legs (from thighs to calves) are being stretched as well. Our body is all connected and when one muscle is too tight it can cause a domino effect

  • Ruchama


    My favorite for lower back is this one where you lie flat on your back and pull one knee into your chest for a few seconds and then straighten it back out and place it next to the other leg again. I do that 4 or 5 times on each side. My other favorite is downward dog and I shift my weight from foot to foot while Im holding the position. It feels so good on my lower back. Then I step my feet up to my hands and just let my upper body hang for a but. It feels really good. I think it's something I learned from Yoga, but i'm Not sure what it's called. I took yoga classes years ago and there's a lot of good stuff I hung onto and kept doing.

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