Having one of those angry, screw the world days. Worst part is when you want to be alone and people get mad at you for it. Like how do people get mad at you for feeling down when it has nothing to do with them? Smh… i don’t wish depression upon my worst enemy, for real…


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  • Candieperry


    I completely understand how you feel hugs I don’t think they can understand

  • CaramelMixedHoney


    A lot of people don't understand that no one is responsible for how they feel. You didn't do anything wrong. You're trying your best to fight a battle that you didn't enlist in. People are mad at you because they rather be mad and emotional instead of asking what you need and how they can be there for you. It's easier for some people to create imaginary things someone has done and be emotional about it instead of just being there for someone else. You got this.

  • lazydaisy


    Thank you for the comments ❤️

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