Does else anyone experience major head pain after doing any physical activity/exertion?
Looking if anyone else experiences this, and if so, tell me what kind of treatment did you get/was your diagnosis occipital neuralgia or something else?


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  • TTNY


    Have you had an mri done on your neck at all? I have problems with my neck I never knew I had that could be contributing to the nerve pain I get on the right side of my head. I haven’t been diagnosed with neuralgia yet! I was diagnosed with migraines about 6 months ago from my neurologist and I tried to explain to him it was more like nerve pain and it came on when I would bend down sometimes and move my head a certain way and then he said oh well it might be neuralgia but try the gabapentin and see if that works!! 🙄

  • chronicallyfab


    Hi! I would definitely recommend getting an MRI if you haven’t already to rule out a structural issue or another underlying condition such as Chiari Malformation Syndrome. I am diagnosed with occipital neuralgia and do have head pain when I run but mine is largely due to Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. Definitely mention it to your doctor.

  • Vovo


    For the two of you asking- Yes I did have an MRI- they found nothing on it :(

  • Kell


    Yes I get headaches daily. I get acupuncture it helps a lot. I have occipital neuralgia. I really can’t do much of anything. But it does get worse after I do things.

  • Terigemini2


    Wow sorry to hear all that I’ve just recently been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia. Going to a neurologist in a few days far as I know I think this is a damage nerve they had me lift 25 pounds in physical therapy and that is what brought it on. I am 68 years old and they should’ve never had me lift that since I had degenerative disc disease already did not have any neck or head pain before this. Any suggestions what to do for the pain I refused the needle treatment in my neck

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