i have been dealing with insomnia since i was around 15. i don’t get tired until around 1-3am and then after i have fallen asleep, i wake up numerous times throughout. i have tried nearly every sleeping pill possible. does anyone have any tips? i am so incredibly exhausted all the time.


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  • k8lynt


    Have you tried a sleep study?

    • Jillean


      i have a meeting with a sleep doctor scheduled at the end of the month. i’m not sure if he will order one or not. everyone seems to think it’s my mental health that causes it, but i’m sure that isn’t the case since i have dealt with it even before i had mental illness

      • Raquel226


        I bet if they do a sleep study they may find an underlying condition like sleep apnea. It's more prevalent in people that snore, or people that are "overweight". My ex husband did the study and it transformed his life for the better. He stopped breathing almost 500 times the night of the study. He got a CPAP machine to help him breathe and it improved every aspect of his life basically. I'm not saying that you have it too, but if it could help you might want to check it out, good luck!

  • Rwill758


    I wish I knew but I'm in the same boat. Nothing prescription works for me. I take over the counter in large amounts. It's the only thing that works so far.

    • Leelee47


      what scripts have you tried?

  • Lightning


    Something my doctors told me is to make your bedroom a sacred space. Only go in there once you’re ready to sleep, don’t bring any electronics with you. Do not use any electronics 30 minutes before bedtime. If you keep doing that your body will recognize your room as a place of rest and will send signals to your brain basically, saying “okay it’s bed time. Let’s produce some melatonin.” I myself take melatonin almost every night however because I just can’t keep up with the avoiding my electronics thing.

  • lydi88


    ambien worked for me. also do a sleep study at a neurologist. we’re a 92% match!:)

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